About Enchanted Gables


A barn built by the Amish

Enchanted Gables - Central Maine - Barn Build
Enchanted Gables - Central Maine

We love our environment.


Since Clari has a degree and background in eco-tourism, we are on the path to transforming Enchanted Gables into a “green” venue. By 2023, we would like to incorporate more recyclable dining ware, eco-friendly items, and encourage the use of local, sustainable food products.

We would love for you to work with us as we journey on the path of sustainability and environmental awareness in our community.

Some of the organizations we have worked with:

Maine General Health – Philanthropy Department

Children Wonder Place – Adoption Therapy

Synagogue of Waterville’s community fundraisers

Oakland Gala – supporting Oakland, Maine’s local businesses¬†

Women’s Day, an annual event supporting women

Holiday Magical Event

Helping Our Community

Our dream for Enchanted Gables is to be a venue where social justice is embraced, and non-profit organizations can design educational events for the community.

We would love to host more events to support women, orphans, homeless youth, children, and any kind of groups in the community.

If you are interested in using Enchanted Gables for a custom rate for your non-profit cause or host a community-focused event, please call or email Clari.